Prospect Park Hospital

Prospect Park NHS Hospital Perimeter Heating Install

Prospect Park NHS Hospital Reading is one of the largest NHS Mental Health Hospitals in the UK. Following a telephone call one day from the M&E Department at the Head Office of Kier Construction at Tempsford Hall near Sandy Bedfordshire, Eddy Warren, who is based nearby in Cambridge, went over to see them. It was quite a surprise to find how large and specialised the project turned out to be.

The whole job was based on Perimeter Heating and not Trench heating, which is rare these days. Owing to the nature of the project it was a very different design concept too. All the grilles in the panels were fine laser cut to prevent fingers being pushed through and trapped. All the panels were taken close to the floor and special fixing were made so the panels could not be removed without the correct equipment to do so. One area in the hospital, to be occupied by some of the most severe mental patients, had specially thickened and strengthened panels.

BGP Services produced a sample section of casing on which BISRIA conducted emission tests with the laser cut grilles. The client covered the cost of this test, which proved successful and as a result BGP secured the contract from Kier to supply and install. In the last few years parts of the Perimeter Heating in the building has been altered and added to, meeting the client's needs. This was carried out by N G Bailey Ltd with BGP supplying the additional Perimeter Heating.

Prospect Park NHS Hospital
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