Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

All Stainless Steel Perimeter Trench Heating at Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport

BGP Services Ltd., along with their sister company Alpha Radiant Systems, are one of the few companies who can supply all four products (i e Trench, Perimeter, Fan Coil Enclosure Casing and Radiant Panel Heating) from one source. The manufacturing plant in Camberley, Surrey has production facilities for this, along with a very competent team who provide site installation for contractors not wishing to 'go it alone.'

Shown here are several examples. Perhaps, it might be said, one of BG's biggest and best installations, is the Stainless Steel Perimeter and Trench at Heathrow Terminal 4 for BAA, Laing Management Contracting, DSSR Consultants, Matthew Hall (now Amec). Also showing Radiant Panel at one of the many hospitals supplied and installed by sister company Alpha Radiant Systems. There are many examples of these products up and down the UK and particularly in the London area; examples which are too numerous to mention on this website!

All outputs for BG Perimeter and Alpha Radiant products have been tested by BSRIA on many occasions. Various other tests have been carried out by university engineering laboratories for grille loadings on trench casing. Other tests can be carried out to suit specialised requirements. (Case example: The Mental Health Hospital Project at Prospect Park, Reading - Completed by BG in 2003)

Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Trench Heating
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