Domestic Trench Heating

Conservatory/Domestic Trench Heating Cambridge

Trench heating can be used in domestic premises as well a commercial applications for large buildings. The conservatory in the picture has three segments preventing condensation on the full height glazing. With intermittent Winter and Summer use, the main source of heating and cooling in this conservatory, which is 8 metres long and 3 metres wide, is with DX 'wall mount splits' of 3.5 and 5.3 kw. In another area of this bungalow, for the master bedroom under french doors, BGP provided a shallow section of trench only 90mm deep with double row 15mm element. The depth was restricted with the beam and block floor. Even the cat likes it.

Conservatory Trench HeatingConservatory Trench HeatingConservatory/Domestic Trench Heating CambridgeConservatory/Domestic Trench Heating Cambridge
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